Risoluzione ONU n. 289 sulle colonie italiane

Risoluzione ONU n. 289 sulle colonie italiane del novembre 1949

289 (IV). Question of the disposal of the former Italian colonies
The General Assembly,
In accordance with Annex XI, paragraph 3, of the Treaty of Peace with Italy, 1947, whereby the Powers concerned have agreed to accept the recommendation of the General Assembly on the disposal of the former Italian colonies and to take appropriate measures for giving effect to it,
Having taken note of the report1 of the Four Power Commission of Investigation, having heard spokesmen of organizations representing substantial sections of opinion in the territories concerned, and having taken into consideration the wishes and welfare of the inhabitants of the territories, the interests of peace and security, the views of the interested Governments and the relevant provisions of the Charter,
A. With respect to Libya, recommends:
1. That Libya, comprising Cyrenaica, Tripoli- tania and the Fezzan, shall be constituted an independent and sovereign State;
2. That this independence shall become effective as soon as possible and in any case not later than 1 January 1952;
3. That a constitution for Libya, including the form of the government, shall be determined by representatives of the inhabitants of Cyrenaica, Tripolitania and the Fezzan meeting and consulting together in a National Assembly;
4. That, for the purpose of assisting the people of Libya in the formulation of the constitution and the establishment of an independent Government, there shall be a United Nations Commissioner in Libya appointed by the General Assembly and a Council to aid and advise him;
5. That the United Nations Commissioner, in consultation with the Council, shall submit to the Secretary-General an annual report and such other special reports as he may consider necessary. To these reports shall be added any memorandum or document that the United Nations

The General Assembly,
Considering its recommendations regarding the disposal of the former Italian colonies,
Calls upon the Interim Committee of the General Assembly to study the procedure to be adopted to delimit the boundaries of the former Italian colonies in so far as they are not already fixed by international agreement, and report with conclusions to the fifth regular session of the General Assembly.
250th plenary meeeting,
21 November 1949.

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